NCAA Initial Eligibility Core Course Requirements

Student-Athlete/Parent/Guardian Acknowledgment Form 

NCAA Eligibility Form

  • I have received and am aware of the documents (NCAA Initial-Eligibility Core-Course Requirements General Guidelines and Important New Changes for Division 1 & 2) defining the Guidelines for the NCAA Initial Eligibility Core Course Requirements effective August 1, 2010.  

    I further attest that I have been provided the guidelines for the NCAA Core Course Requirements specifically discussing what the NCAA considers non-traditional courses and how I can find an appropriate program if my high school or school district does not provide one. Furthermore, I have been provided the appropriate contact information for the NCAA Eligibility Center (1-800-262-1492) if I have questions or seek further information. 

    Finally, I understand that non-traditional educational opportunities are available to me for Credit Recovery, Acceleration, etc. However, I have received and had explained the guidelines from the NCAA so that I am knowledgeable about this information as well. I have received a copy of this document for my records and one will be placed in my cumulative folder.